Creative Tapestry Upgrades

Creative Tapestry Upgrades

Decorating your home or dorm room is fun and simple. Beautiful wall hangings  with images ranging from mandalas to floral to psychedelic is available to add a unique touch to your living space. Tapestries have multiple uses  other than wall hangings such as, bedspreads, throw blankets, table cloths or just to make an awesome fort. Let your imagination guide you to unique and creative home decor ideas.

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Wall Hanging Decor

One of the most popular decor uses for tapestries with a large variety of styles and designs. Transport yourself with wall hanging tapestries while creating a cozy, unique and charming space. All of these qualities have made wall tapestries a popular choice amongst DIY interior designers and art lovers for centuries. Tapestries can be used as wall hanging in your bedroom, living room or in a hallway. It will enhance the decor of the room.

Black & White Flower Mandala Tapestry

Throw Blanket

Tapestries come in several sizes which makes the perfect throw blanket for the snuggler. Add a cuddle partner or two and you are set up for a perfect movie night. Some tapestries are lightweight but provide enough coverage from your chilly ac. Drape it over the back of your couch or chair when not using it to add a lot of interest to your furniture.

Southwestern Tapestry

Spiritual Yoga Mat

Our 7 Chakra Rainbow Wall Hanging Tapestry

is the perfect size to use as a yoga mat or a fitness mat. It is 59x30in lightweight cotton material that is easy to fold up and go when needed.

7 Chakra Rainbow Wall Hanging Tapestry

Amazing Bed Spreads

Spruce up your bedroom with bright and bold tapestries without have to getting a whole new comforter set. Tapestries offer an affordable way to ad a personal touch to your bedroom.

Outdoor Companion

When the temperature is perfect and being indoors is a crime, grab a light and airy tapestry to serve as a picnic blanket. Don't worry about making a mess on the tapestries, just throw it in the wash to make it brand new again.

Geometric Mandala Roundie Tapestry

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